Banyan Info-media is a team of highly accomplished professionals with years of experience in media and broadcast industry, print and graphic designing that specializes in creating tailor- made communication strategies for various target audiences.

  • All members of our award winning team have headed senior editorial, creative and management positions in leading national news channels and have been the brains behind some of the most successful campaigns and shows in the industry. 
  • We have worked extensively in many states across India. 
  • We have a wide experience in creating regional content particularly for rural and semi urban areas. 
  • We understand the importance of grabbing your audience’s attention and translating your vision to it.
  •  Our state -of – the art studio is equipped to handle every aspect of production. 
  • Creating products that meet our clients’ expectations every single time is our forte’. 
  •  We ensure the finest output in minimum turnaround time without compromising with quality and accuracy. 

Providing a completely stress-free experience to our clients by taking care of every step from ideation to execution is our motto