Your brand is your most important asset. As your creative partner, it is our goal to provide you with unique ideas and innovative imagery that has the potential to transform your brand. The Audio Visual medium is the preferred way to communicate ideas and brand philosophies to the customers. Depending on your specific needs, we can deliver a unique set of custom-made integrations to leverage a whole new world of lucrative opportunities.


Long and short features, documentaries and communication AVs form the base of our business. Our team, with decades of journalistic experience, is equipped with quick understanding of issues, compelling storytelling skills and impeccable technical knowhow. Their maturity helps them deal with complex issues. Our team members have won several awards for programming in the fields of health, agriculture and education.

Our documentary on sanitation issues, ‘Shapath- Can’t take this shit anymore’ won the National Award for the Best Documentary in 2014. The film, which was aired on ABP News, is the story of six women from Uttar Pradesh who chose to return to their parents’ home rather than face the indignity and discomfort of open defecation at their marital homes. Their bold step spurred a social movement that resulted in the construction of toilets in their villages. 


Testimonials are the new way to take forward the publicity campaign of your product. They go a step ahead of advertisements to assure prospective customers of the worthiness of the product. When the audience hears about the features of the product from a current user rather than the company, it answers a lot of questions and adds to the credibility of the product. 

We also deliver impactful TVCs complete with jingles. With Banyan Infomedia, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands and will find the best treatment.